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Discover your confidence : the power is in you!

Discover Your Confidence


Do you struggle with…

Negative thoughts about your body, not feeling good enough, standing up for yourself, your weight and comparing yourself to others…

Do you often have a hard time…

Getting into a healthy lifestyle, saying no to others, maintaining healthy habits, looking at yourself in the mirror and still feeling shitty inside about the way you look…

Do you want to…

Walk out that door 3 months from now feeling confident, sexy and beautiful just the way you are? 

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Who am I?

I’m Rachel, your Confidence Coach. I empower entrepreneurial women to build their confidence through a healthy lifestyle! To stop doubting themselves, start thriving and embrace the power within them. Find out about my story and the online course I offer “Confidence 101.”

“Rachel is one of life’s gems - trustworthy, heart led and so kind always.” - Bear Grylls

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Her positive energy is contagious. She’s truly

E-Online Programme “Confidence 101”


Build your confidence with my personal development programme:

Course Modules:

  1. Visualising your future

  2. Releasing negativity, building a strong mind

  3. Eating for energy

  4. Exercising for fun

  5. Relaxing and unwinding

  6. Morning and night-time routines

  7. Decluttering

  8. Creating healthy boundaries

  9. Owning your confidence

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Amber Gelinas - Actress/ Film Maker, Canada

“I initially hired Rachel for a six week trial period. In six weeks I experienced dramatic changes to my health, fitness, attitude, and career. I couldn’t believe how much success she had helped me create and in such little time! She has held me accountable, kept me focused, and inspired me along the journey of getting the results I wanted. I continue to work with Rachel because of her gift for goal setting and achieving. Her positive attitude is infectious and her bubbly personality makes her a delight to work with.”

Ashleigh - Beauty Therapist, NZ

“I met Rachel 6 months ago and she’s changed my life for the better. I feel so much more mentally stronger within myself and my confidence has grown. I now get up each day for a morning walk and in terms of eating, she’s guided me to make healthier food choices that suit me. I owe my summer bikini body to Rachel! I would highly recommend her if you’re wanting to make a positive change in your life.”


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