Be your own unique shell!


 “Every seashell has a different story to tell.”

What’s your story? What are you proud of? What have you learnt?

Each of us has a story to tell, that’s what makes us unique. One persons life is totally different to the next. You can’t compare, you can’t judge because your thoughts, emotions and what you’ve been through could never be the same as the person next to you. We all have something to offer our neighbours and learn.

Confidence: it’s about owning who you are. Feeling empowered by the person you have become through all the highs and lows you’ve been through. Taking the lessons you’ve learnt and embracing a stronger version of you, perhaps you didn’t even know existed. Feeling a sense of pride for the successes you’ve achieved and allowing that inner confidence to shine and grow.

Coach Question: What story would you like to tell your family at 90? What would you like to say you’ve accomplished in your life-time? Often, when you look at life from the top down, it gives you a chance to look at everything with perspective. Working out what’s really important to you and above all to have confidence in you. Your story is made-up of a book of chapters. What chapter are you going to write next?

Your Confidence Coach,