It’s about learning to let go of things that no longer serve you, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

It’s about doing things you love that make you feel alive!

It’s about getting rid of things in your surroundings that don’t spark joy and happiness when you look at them.

It’s releasing old clothes that don’t make you feel absolutely amazing!

It’s learning to look at yourself with all the body insecurities you have and saying - I love you body just the way you are and I’m going to look after you!

It’s doing things you LOVE doing without holding yourself back from your fears.

It’s about listening to others thoughts but taking what feels good and releasing the rest.

It’s about exploring and opening your mind to the possibilities than playing it “safe.”

It’s acknowledging the feeling of fear and going for it anyway.

It’s about living life on the edge from time to time, daring yourself to do things you wouldn’t usually do and accomplishing them valiantly.

It’s about doing things that set your day up for success, foundations first.

It’s fuelling yourself up with good food, fitness and sleep that makes you feel great!

It’s acknowledging your lows and saying I’m going to be OK and I’m going to get through this!

It’s appreciating the highs and loving every minute!

It’s showing gratitude to everything you have, people around you and all that you are.

It’s about pushing your body physically breaking through limiting thoughts and beliefs.

And on the flip side it’s about having duvet days and just totally and utterly relaxing!

It’s about getting out into nature, climbing to the highest mountain and shouting Wahoooooooo we made it!

It’s about laughing at your mistakes, learning from them than beating yourself up over it.

It’s riding through the huge ocean waves, being knocked down and getting back up again.

It’s feeling your heart beat before skydiving out of a plane and the surge of adrenaline when you land.

It’s standing up in front of a group of people or audience and dancing/ singing/ acting/ speaking and that excitement after to say - Yey we did it.

It’s listening to your inner voice and having strength to speak your truth.

It’s putting all your energy into a project you’re passionate about and getting that high five and self gratification when you’ve accomplished it!

It’s taking time to reflect on everything you’ve been through and acknowledging how far you’ve come.

It’s giving yourself credit for everything you do know.

It’s collapsing into bed with a big smile after a brilliant day!

It’s creating a vision board for yourself and seeing things you wished for come to life.

It’s setting your intentions and goals for the day and smashing them.

It’s digging deeper to a place you never thought existed inside you and taking action.

It’s about believing you can and you will!

It’s saying to yourself 5,4,3,2,1 let’s do this!

Your Confidence Coach