Have Courage


My wish for you...

- Have courage to think bigger

- Have courage to feel stronger, better & smarter

- Have courage to not fear what holds you back

- Have courage to break free of your old story that no longer serves you

- Have courage to believe you can achieve and you will

- Have courage not to give up when you slip up

- Have courage to not worry what others think

- Have courage to do the one thing you want to do more than anything else, like your life depends on it

- Have courage to dream again and stop playing small

- Have courage to feel the fear and do it anyway

- Have courage to accept who you are, your flaws, the insecurities you have, the hard times you’ve been through and lessons you’ve learned

- Have courage you can change anything you want to, even your thought just in this moment

- Have courage, believe and go for it (because yes you can!)

Your Confidence Coach,