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I had the amazing opportunity to speak with @spiritualandintuit a few weeks ago on what brought me into coaching. It's always scary to speak your truth and I was so nervous to open up on some of the harder times I’ve experienced. Looking back, I cherish those sadder moments because they opened my eyes to want to change and grow. In advance, thank you so much for reading and taking the time to listen. Can you relate to anything we talk about? Love to hear your thoughts and if you need any confidence coaching or know of any friends who would benefit listening to this please share and don't hesitate to reach out. To contact me: Click Here

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As a confidence coach, Rachel specializes in motivating and empowering her clients to a healthier lifestyle. She holds them accountable towards their goals and visions on a daily and weekly basis. She is also a fitness and dance instructor, so she runs outdoor bootcamps, Zumba, ballet, music, and movement classes for little ones and kids. In her down time she loves getting outdoors, hiking, cycling, travelling, adventures, podcasts and loves reading self-development books.

In this episode, Rachel and Louisa discussed focusing on what really matters, foundations for success that Rachel has used with clients, and stories from her own experiences culminating in a few powerful tenets for daily wellness and happiness: be kind and loving to yourself, try to not taking things personally, and return to your heart space at the end of the day.


- The helicopter effect - how much gravity does this situation hold in the great scheme of time?

- The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

-Accepting what belongs to someone else or not: a lesson from Buddha

Thank you so much for reading and listening. 

Your Confidence Coach,