Little Fears


Let me tell you a secret... there’s a very soft side to me not everyone knows. It’s the English country bumpkin girl at heart who grew up wearing wellies, playing in the fields with my dog. I had no idea about style, image and was totally oblivious about fashion and being cool. It’s the side I’m very shy to show, the one who used to get nervous in big groups and would often be the last to get the joke and feel embarrassed and stupid to ask someone to explain it.

The side that’s very sensitive to others opinions and would get very insecure about what people think about me. The side that finds it very hard to stand up for myself and would take it out on myself, as I didn’t know how to speak my truth. These are my vulnerabilities, true, honest and from my heart.

It’s so scary to speak your truth, but I learnt how to deal with my insecurities and vulnerabilities. I learnt to laugh at myself rather than be hard on myself, I became the joker character and found my confidence through expressing my emotions through dance. I learnt it’s ok not to be part of the cool group at school, but to be your own person and you’ll attract fun and interesting people in life. If anything I’m now seen as perhaps a bright yellow extrovert who bounces around like tigger but still has those moments of being the “dippy” girl my mum sometimes explains.

Remember your character and who you are is always evolving, growing and changing through life. It’s ok to feel vulnerable and have insecurities but don’t let them prohibit you from what you can become. You can turn any situation around and be a stronger, more fulfilled and happier version of you. If you’re wanting to build confidence and your self esteem please know I hear you. I can empathise and know you’re not alone! I’d love to help empower you to let go of those self doubts that have been holding you back for years. Use your vulnerabilities and insecurities as fuel to make you stronger. Together, lets take you there! 

Your Confidence Coach