We learn through nature’s adversity...


“The best view comes after the hardest climb.”


And… this view was incredible! As you take each step with sweat dripping down your back, you think how many more steps to go? But, that little voice inside learns to say just keep going alongside hikers down with their words of encouragement!

There is nothing like pushing yourself through nature’s adversity. This is where we learn how to be resilient and persistent. Your bodies aching, you can feel sweat dripping down your face, your hands are dirty and you feel your heart pounding. The view at the top is never so sweet if you didn’t sweat and push your body and mind to the top. It’s not about winning or a competition, it’s about doing your best and challenging yourself to a goal and accomplishing it!

The feeling of accomplishment gives you confidence, confidence in your abilities, your belief system to turn I can’t to say… YES I CAN! It’s then taking what you learn from the big outdoors back into the material world of work life and home. The things that can stress you out don’t seem nearly as stressful. If you can face nature’s adversity mountains, hills, rain and storms. Imagine what else you can achieve… 

Question: When was the last time you climbed a mountain? What makes you feel alive?

Your Confidence Coach,



Picture Taken: The Chief, Squamish, BC, Canada