How to own your power pose...


 “Confidence is about taking a deep breath in, putting one foot forward and owning it!” 👊

What thoughts are you saying to yourself? Are they positive or are they negative? If they’re negative how is that going to propel you forward and give you that amazing confidence you crave?

For one minute put those fears and doubts to one side and channel your belief system from I can’t to... I can! Your thoughts affect everything! Your work, body image, relationships, friendships - how you show up to the world matters. Because you can either play it small or dare yourself to play it big... You are so much stronger than you think, most of us only use the smallest amount of power that we believe we have... but we have soooo much more! Think to yourself what 10 steps do I need to take to raise my game? Write it down if that helps.


Take a moment to reflect on everything you’ve managed to accomplish in your life so far... all the friends and family that love you, your faith (if you have one) and let that be your strength and shield. The army behind you, the cheerleader squad saying you can do this. When that naughty little self doubt monkey comes in... don’t let him win... look him in the eye reassure him and say I’ve got this, bring it on! 


Power Pose: next time you have a moment where you think I can’t do it. Think of your favourite super hero and stand in a superhero pose for 2 minutes. (I know as cheesey as it sounds but it actually works! If anything it will make you laugh and snap you out of those naughty negative monkeys chatting away.)

Think thoughts of abundance... you may have a phrase like I can do this... if they can do it, I can do it too... I’ve got the power. Whatever it is own it and hold on to it! In true power ranger style let that courage, strength and energy fill you up! Next time you have a doubtful moment... do this and see how it shifts your energy and confidence. Remember - the power is within you! #youjusthavetoaccessit 💪🏻

Your Confidence Coach,



 📷: @laulau_harg 💕