“Rachel is one of life’s gems - trust worthy, heart led and so kind always.
I initially hired Rachel for a six week trial period. In six weeks I experienced dramatic changes to my health, fitness, attitude, and career. I couldn’t believe how much success she had helped me create and in such little time! It was obvious that I needed to continue working with her.

Since working with Rachel I have discovered how to achieve compassionate results with myself, my work, and my life. She has held me accountable, kept me focused, and inspired me along the journey of getting the results I wanted. I continue to work with Rachel because of her gift for goal setting and achieving. Her positive attitude is infectious and her bubbly personality makes her a delight to work with.

If you want results then you want to work with Rachel! I would highly recommend her as a Coach to anyone who is looking to succeed!
— Amber Gelinas - Film Maker, Canada
Rachel’s a ball of energy that doesn’t miss a beat. We began working together as I let go of one source of income to pursue and make space for Entrepreneurship. Stepping into a lifestyle in which I count on myself for income has been overwhelming and stressful at times. Thus, having Rachel’s support has been an immense aid in helping me stay on track. She is enthusiastic about my dreams coming to life which gives them credibility. She is attentive and present throughout our meetings, always catching key words and helping my vision come to life. Rachel has been an amazing support so far, reminding me daily of why I started and why I am doing this. She is caring and compassionate making her a trustworthy person in which to confide in when speaking of your struggles. Rachel is motivating and encouraging and helps you meet your obstacles with a loving perspective. I am reminded daily by her of the potential that I have and of the tools I need to use to stay on track.
If there are any goals you are trying to meet I can say with confidence that Rachel can provide you with the encouragement and support you need to get there.
Issy Tellwright.jpg
I’ve known Rachel for my whole life (literally)! She is the most genuine and beautiful person inside and out. Her confidence is radiant and there is never a dull day when she is around! Being like a big sister to me I’ve been guided through so many situations with the help of Rachel and I couldn’t recommend her to you enough!
— Issy Tellwright - Model, UK
Rachel has such a positive attitude to everything. Her energy is contagious and always makes you smile. She’s encouraging to everyone around her and makes you feel comfortable.
— Maayan Amitov, Canada

Rachel is an incredibly strong woman and she shares that power with so much love, passion and understanding. I am singer who has struggled with self belief and self confidence. Rachel has helped me build my confidence and be grateful for who I am and the talents I can share when I perform as well as being happier in day to day life. She has inspired me to always work harder, to love myself and to find a way to match her boundless energy! Rachel’s positivity and honesty encourage me to be a free spirit so I can have as much fun, success and sheer joy as she has! I am very proud to call her my friend, everyone needs a Rachel Fanshawe in their life. If you are looking for someone inspire you to live your life to the fullest even in the darkest times, this is the woman you need to coach you. I adore her!
— Amy Owen - Singer, UK
Her positive energy is contagious. She’s truly
— Janelle Astles - Founder of MoMM, Canada

I have known Rachel now for 10 years, I would class her as one of my best friends. From the moment I met her I thought ‘Wow, what a crazy character, so bubbly full of confidence’
Such a inspiration and someone I truly look up to.
What you see is what you get, and this is a very rare quality to find.
Sadly we haven’t seen each other in 4 years due to living on opposite ends of the planet, nor do we speak every day, even so, as I stated she will always be one of my most loyal friends.
With a kind heart, funny, caring...my list could go on and I still will never find a negative word to say.
I miss you very much Rachel and I’m SOOOO Proud of you.
— Louise Whiles - Fitness Expert, Dubai
I had the privilege of meeting this beautiful woman quite some time ago and still to this day I know I can rely on her for her wonderful positive vibes, words, powerful uplifting energy and endless support. I was lucky enough to be blessed with Rachels presence everyday for three years and I can honestly say, I learnt a tremendous amount about appreciating life, making the most of every moment/opportunity we have and how ones energy can have great impact on so many other’s. Thank you Rachel for been so great in what you do and such an inspiring person, I say this with so much love, Jess x
— Jessica Charles, Singer, UK

Wow what can I say about Rachel? She is the most beautiful, confident, funny, generous and loving woman I have ever met. We met at school and straight away she took me under her wing and we have been friends ever since. She made me feel so welcome in her family too. I don’t know where Rachel gets all her energy from but it never runs out no matter what is thrown at her. I have many many amazing memories that I truly treasure. Everyone needs a bit of Rach in their life! ‘People walk through our lives, but only true friends leave footprints in your heart’. This sums Rachel up for sure xx
— Charlotte Blanchard, UK
Louise Ockwell 2.jpg
Rachel was the very first friend I made some 26 years ago! She has always had this energy and light that followed her wherever she went. A natural born free spirit and bold dancer. Her gorgeous smile, one that she wears with courage through even the darkest times, still inspires me everyday to push myself to be the best I can! “Smile and the whole world smiles with you” 🧡
— Louise Ockwell, UK
There aren’t enough synonyms in the English dictionary to help describe Rachel’s energy! Saying she’s a real go-getting just doesn’t cut it. I am in awe of her passion, enthusiasm and free spirit and couldn’t recommend Rachel more highly. Rach’s beautiful smile is always beaming and she finds no trouble spreading good vibes and a positive energy.
— Victoria Cox - Marketing, Australia

My life is often ruled by various lists of deadlines, endless to-dos and ‘friendly reminders’. The way I tackle these has never been efficient nor satisfying, and always hampering the things I want to do for myself. These days, a friendly reminder which I welcome with open arms is the voice of Rachel. With her can-do attitude, no-excuses resolve and energy to spur on a sleeping Buddha statue she made me realise that everything is interlinked and that health and happiness come hand in hand with organising your life and looking after your body and mind. These days, with her regular and lively communications from hills or mid-chore, I find I have more time to focus on me after time efficient and energetic management of my life admin.
— Mira Moran, NZ

When Rachel comes into the room there is an energy that comes with her that is infectious. When you spend time with her you leave feeling energised and positive. But she is also kind and thoughtful and understanding. It’s a wonderful combination.
— Jenny Williams, Canada


I have witnessed first hand Rachel’s ability to connect with people with authentic care, passion and charisma - tapping into each individual’s inner visions, goals and motivations in a way that helps fuel the fire of inspiration and drive to progress, accomplish and succeed. Everyone holds a different sense of what personal success and a life well lived looks like and Rachel is all about daring to be different. She’ll help you embrace the unique individual that you are and become the best version of it. If you’re looking to be encouraged, inspired, motivated, pushed outside the comfort zone and journeyed with towards achieving what it is you want to experience in life, you won’t be disappointed with Rachel as a coach, her skills and resourcefulness. Hands down, she was born for this.


It’s impossible not to feel a sense of joy when Rachel arrives on set. Her enthusiasm is infectious and working with her is more like spending a day undertaking your favourite task. She’s hugely committed to her work and more than happy to sustain performance after performance to get the perfect take. Takes direction very well and often brings her personality to the creative process too. If you’re looking for a presenter to bring life & joy to your project I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Rachel.